Transition Process

This is the fifth of a number of updates regarding the transition of the IN-ADDR.ARPA zone.

As of 11.15am 16th February UTC-8, today, the action items listed in the Process and timeline for IN-ADDR.ARPA transition were successfully completed.

This transition at this stage results in:

  • ICANN as the technical manager of IN-ADDR.ARPA.
  • IN-ADDR.ARPA being served by the 6 nameservers described in RFC 5855 and operated by the five RIRs and ICANN.
  • IN-ADDR.ARPA DNSSEC-signed by the same systems that signs many ICANN-operated zones including IP6.ARPA, IP6-SERVERS.ARPA, IN-ADDR-SERVERS.ARPA, IANA.ORG, and ICANN.ORG.
  • A conservative plan in place to remove IN-ADDR.ARPA from the 12 root servers that currently serve it.

On 14 March 2011 a request will be sent to the IANA to add DS records to the IN-ADDR.ARPA delegation. It is expected that this change will take several days to complete due to the required authorisations.

The delay between transition and adding DS records to the root zone facilitates a simple rollback procedure in the (unlikely) event that harmful effects of DNSSEC in the IN-ADDR.ARPA zone are observed.

Final updates regarding the root servers and DS submission will be posted here as necessary.

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