IN-ADDR.ARPA republished by ICANN

This is the third of a number of updates regarding the transition of the IN-ADDR.ARPA zone.

As of today the 12th of January 2011, ICANN is now republishing the zone content provided by ARIN. This version of the IN-ADDR.ARPA zone is available for public query on the following servers.


See RFC5855 for additional details.

The servers under these names are operated by ICANN and the 5 RIRs and will ultimately be made the authoritative nameservers for IN-ADDR.ARPA (in the same way that [A-F].IP6-SERVERS.ARPA is authoritative for IP6.ARPA).

It is worthwhile to note that the zone SOA and zone apex published on [A-F].IN-ADDR-SERVERS.ARPA are different to the current active IN-ADDR.ARPA zone given the new name server set (described by RFC5855). Futher, by virtue of being published through the ICANN DNS systems operated by ICANN DNS Operations, the zone in its republished state is also DNSSEC signed.

Over the next several weeks the ARIN produced zone content will be imported, republished, and audited. During this period any required adjustments will be made before announcing the final transition date.

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